Disem Institute

Unleashing The Full Potential of Cyber Risk Governance 

The Next Generation of Cyber Governance

Our digital society is highly interconnected and dynamic. The volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous nature of the cyber risk environment gives rise to the need for new and advanced solutions that would help you stay ahead of the curve and unlock true value.

Our Vision

Understandable and Actionable Cyber Risk Governance

Disem Institute is a consultancy firm that operates in the field of cybersecurity. We help business leaders, executives, and decision-makers strengthen their cyber risk governance. Disem Institute delivers the most comprehensive and holistic Cyber Risk Governance consultancy service powered by experienced and certified experts. Our approach to cyber risk is unique, scientifically grounded, and presented in an easy-to-understand format for decision-makers.

Our Approach


Cyber Risk Governance Consultancy that Delivers More

Disem Institute offers Cyber Risk Governance in the form of human-centric services in four areas, namely, strategic wisdom, intelligent monitoring, governance structure, and security enabling culture.

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