Disem Institute

a sound and solid security strategy 

Information-security decision making is complex and difficult

Information-security decision making is complex and difficult. 

It involves attacker and defender behaviour, business operations & IT, risk and finance. 

Successful security strategies are invisible while successful breaches are heavily exposed in (social) media.

Investments in security involve sure losses (costs) and unsure benefits (possible breach protection). 

Repeatedly demanding for more budget due to increasing digitization and attack behavior becomes less appreciated over time. 

High CISO turnover (approx. 2 years on average) makes sustainable policy implementation hard.  


Disem Institute provides strategic assurance, training & coaching

Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed dynamic modelling methodology for analysing complex dynamic problems.

Disem Institute is specialized in analysing complex dynamic strategic management issues and excels in the field of cyber security.



We provide business leaders the means to see and follow how their strategic decisions will evolve in real life.


We can identify the important levers that can influence these long-term projections.

This long-term projection is the basis for future plans for the coming years (roadmap).

We train and coach business leaders and policy makers to understand the dynamic complex aspects of strategic management.


Business dynamic modelling has the ability to simplify complex problems and make them easy to understand.” 

Chief of Staff of an international organisation

"Dynamic modelling showed the impact of strategic decisions before making large investments. It helps me to determine what to invest where and when."

Group CISO of an international organisation

"We had a great time working together. We did a really good job. I look positively back on it."

CISO of an international organisation

"I still remember the 100 participants training session at our conference. People were really sitting on the edge of their seats when sharing the insights / analyses of your serious game. You bring system thinking into security in a creative way." 

Senior Managing Security Consultant of an international organisation

"You were a great supervisor and a coach. You really helped me not only to achieve great results but also to believe that I can do it and that I can do even more."

Management Trainee of an international organisation